Tailoring Services

Tailoring services is our main business. We offer repairing services both for men and women. Our main services contain adjusting av suits and dresses. For other kind og assignments call us at 90222637.

Our prices and delivery time is made with caution and consideration of being the fastest tailor-house in Norway. Sometimes we have difficulty in capacity of our tailor-house but we do our best to help people with their deadlines.

Pants/Shorts (Bukse)

  • Alteration of the pants´ length    250,-
  • Smalling pants from the knee (slim fra kne og nedover)    200,-
  • Salling pants from the crouch (slim fra skrittet og nedover)    300,-
  • In/out in the waist (inn/ut i livet)    250,-
  • Replacing the zipper (bytte glidelås)    250,-

Jackets (jakker)

  • Alteration of sleeves (opplegg/nedlegg ermer)    600,-
  • Alteration of shoulders (justering/opplegg skulder)    800,-
  • Smalling the sleeves (innsying av ermer)    250,-
  • Alteration of the belly/back (inn/ut i sidene)    400,-
  • Shortening of the jacket´s length (opplegg jakkelengde)    600,-
  • Alteration of the neck (nakkefold)    400,-
  • Replacing the front zipper (bytte glidelås)    600,-

Shirts (skjorter)

  • Alteration sleeves (opplegg ermer)    250,-
  • Alteration sleeves with original finish (opplegg ermer orginalt)    350,-
  • smalling in arms/belly/back (innsying av ermene/sidene/bak)    200,-
  • Shortening of the shirt´s length (opplegg skjorte i lengde)    250,-

Dresses (kjoler)

  • Shortening of dress without lining (opplegg kjole uten fór)    400,-
  • Shortening of dress with lining (opplegg kjole med fór)    600,-