FAQ Tailoring services

FAQ Tailoring Services

  • Is it possible to make a jacket or a pair of pants bigger?
  • There is always some extra fabrics in the seams of jackets and pants. In some cases, you can check it yourself and find out. Sometimes it is more difficult because the seam is inside of the In these cases, contact us or visit us and get consultation.
  • Do you change zipper for a jacket?
  • We change all kind of zipper for any type of garment. The exception is leather garment. We don’t work with leather, because we don’t have machines for it.
  • Can you make suits for children?
  • Unfortunately, we don’t do this yet.
  • Do you adjust suits that are bought other places?
  • Yes, we do.
  • How much does it costs to adjust a dress (kjole)?
  • It depends on how many layers we have to open, clip and sew again. The price for two-layers dress is 600,- and if one layer the price will be 400,-.
  • How much does it cost to adjust sleeves of a jacket?
  • There are two ways to adjust a sleeve. Either we open the shoulder and remove (clip) some of the fabric which make the sleeve shorter (in this case you keep the original look of the sleeve because it will be untouched) or we open the whole sleeve and move everything (buttons and button holes), remove (clip) some fabric and sew everything back to how it was. We take a lot of pride in what we do and the finish look is remarkably good but it is not original.
About us

Our Vision

Since the beginning of MAZAR in April 2019, we only have had one vision: "establish a structure in tailoring industry in Norway."

With a background in economy and tailoring we managed to find solutions and build a creative business model  to make a "standard price" and a "standard quality" for tailoring services in Norway. After Corona situation we understood the value of adapting to the changes in the society. We continue on our mission to build the structure for this industry in Norway.

MAZAR is all about customer´s feedback and expectations of a suit brand. We understand that every person is different with different desires and genetics. We choose to plan our business and design our suits based on the customers feedbacks and needs. Traditional brands go the other way. They design the clothes and we buy them. In our mission we listen to the customers and make changes in our factory.

We startet our business as a "tailoring house" and saw the difficulties people usually have when it comes to the suits. Mostly because it is difficult to find somewhere to alter the suit. This is the problem we want to solve. Close interaction with the customers to make it easy to buy a suitable suit and to alter it, is our way.