About us

Our Vision

Since the beginning of MAZAR in April 2019, we only have had one vision: "establish a structure in tailoring industry in Norway."

With a background in economy and tailoring we managed to find solutions and build a creative business model which will help us to make a "standard price" and a "standard quality" for tailoring services. The result of this process has been an outstanding suit-shopping experience for our visitors. We have 10 of 10 satisfied customers which makes us very proud.

MAZAR is all about customer´s feedback and expectations of a suit brand. We understand that every person is different with different desires and genetics. The problem is that suits often are made for models which are far away from what people really are. This is the part that differentiate us from other brands. We customize every suit and offer the most important parts of alteration (sleeves & legs) with no extra costs.